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Ready for Learning Plan 2021-2022

Ready for Learning Plan


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Jasmine Conley made a post.
Posted: 05-24-2022

Inquiry for Replacement Diploma Request Form.

Followed by Name Change on high school diploma. Please list information you need from me to finalize the request.

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Sheila D Smith made a post.
Posted: 04-02-2022

Who is the school jurist

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Got no sleep made a post.
Posted: 03-07-2022

You should be ashamed of your basketball acted while staying at the hotel for basketball games. They disturbed many other guests of the hotel last night. You should be traching them how to act in public.

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Horace Hubbard made a post.
Posted: 02-24-2022

I have sent an employment verification several days ago and still haven't received anything back. I have also called several times. Could someone please give me a call back. My number is 870-514-9970. Thank you

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Posted: 01-21-2022

Is there a printable version of the paperwork needed to withdraw my child from this district so he can be homeschooled?

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AISHA s BRYSON made a post.
Posted: 12-20-2021

Hi, I was wondering what documents would I need in order to obtain my Highschool transcript?

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Matthew Galas made a post.
Posted: 07-30-2021

Continuing to work together as we did this past year showing students the value of : order, cleanliness, and hard work will help Forrest City Junior High School and Sixth Grade Academy to remain the true Game Changer when it comes to our students' : attitudes, lives, and continued progress in High School and beyond. Working together we can include cleaning, and order into our set of daily rituals and routines so that the Life Skills we are working to teach our students (as should be included with every subject) will become a part of their daily habits so they will see how maintaining a clean, healthy productive environment becomes and stays the standard. Working together to help each other to remain as safe, productive, and successful as we can be as Lifelong Learners and achievers allows us all to become and remain successful. As we are showing the students how to become and remain successful, we will also be showing them how working together to help others in actuality helps US ALL be and remain winners!

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